Collection: Alan Davie

Alan Davie - 1920 to 2014

Alan Davie is one of Britain's most internationally acclaimed artists and is Scotland's most important artist of the twentieth century. He died in 2014 having been the first British artist to develop such an expressive form of abstraction.

Working quickly and typically on the floor, he developed an ornamental style, illustrating his preoccupations with Zen Buddhism, Indian mythology and magic. Davie's work takes us on a journey into different times and places. Many of his works are now in major museums or in prestigious collections. 

As early as 1958 Davie emphasised the importance in his work of intuition, as expressed in the form of enigmatic symbols. These symbols have combined to make him one of the most potent image-makers in post-war British art. 

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  • Alan Davie Toothbrush No. 2, 1972
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